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Our community of experienced college counselors and advisors is ready to assist you with all aspects of the college admissions process.

Whether you are a homeschooled or unschooled student preparing to apply to college, a student who has attended a democratic or independent school, or a student coming from another non-traditional situation, you will likely have a unique set of needs and questions as you go through the process of researching, selecting, and applying to colleges. Our independent college counselors and advisors can help you identify the schools and programs that would be the best fit for you, support you in developing your application strategy, and ensure that you maximize all financial support available to you.

Nicole Jobson @ "International College Counselors"
Since 2000, Nicole has advocated for students and families in nearly every facet of education. Her singular goal: to engage, equip, and empower students along their own unique educational journey.
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Lessa Scherrer @ "Your College Your Way"
The philosophy behind Your College Your Way is that the traditional academic path--graduating at 18 to four-years-and-football--does not fit everyone.
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Suji Rajagopal @ "Simplify"
Suji is experienced in helping non-traditional students apply to competitive colleges. As a professional writer herself, Suji enjoys helping your applicants craft and edit college application essays that showcase their authentic selves.
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Jill Harper @ "Simplify"
Jill Harper is an educational consultant and homeschool coach who is passionate about educational choice and finding a path that works for each individual student. 
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Julia Surtshin @ "College Ahead"
The College Ahead four-step approach is designed to demystify the college search and application process and enable students and parents to make this transition with confidence and optimism.
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